(RULE NO. 65 OF PPC, 1972)
(G.O. Ms. No. 07, dated 28th February 2011 - Fees Revision Notification)
For the first registration in the register (Registration) 250/- for B.Pharm.
250/- for D.Pharm.
(For 1 year)
For every qualification (or) Status subsequently registered (Additional) 250/-
For renewal (Retention) 20/- for 1-year
250/- for 5-years
For restoration to the register under Section-37 of The Pharmacy Act, 1948 500/-
For restoration of a name of a person to the register after removal for non-payment of renewal/retention fee in addition to (per year) renewal fee for the year (or) years during which the name remained removed (Restoration) (or) (Penalty) 100/- per year
For Eligibility/Good Standing Certificate 2000/-
For No Objection Certificate/Migration charge (Payable by outgoing and incoming pharmacist in addition to registration fee) 500/-
For Duplicate Certificate 1000/-
For change of name 100/-
For every certified copy of an entry in the register 100/-
Application form (each) 5/-
For issue of ID card 100/-
For late registration (After 1 year) for first registration 100/-